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Shandong Taishan Wind Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 1987, has a long history and occupies a leading position in domestic wind instrument market. The company is a professional manufacturer integrating wind instrument R&D and production and is one of the domestic saxophone production bases with the largest output and the best quality. The company took the lead in passing ISO9001 product quality system certification and ISO14000 environment quality system certification and became a member unit of China Product Quality Society in the same year.


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Address: Taishan Industrial Park, Dongcheng District, Longkou City,Shandong Province,China.

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After-sale service

Speed: We always regard it as our responsibility to deal with orders of after-sales services with the highest speed.
Quality: We guarantee that all musical instruments delivered are of the best quality. What we care is our brand and conscience.
Guarantee: Unless damaged intentionally, all musical instruments are guaranteed. This is the biggest guarantee for our customers and fans.